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PAS 250 PASMA low level standard and MiPOD podium steps

The UK based Prefabricated Access Suppliers’ and Manufacturers’ Association (PASMA) has published its new safety standard PAS 250 for the design of low-level platforms such as podium steps or pulpits.

Facilitated by and published under license from the British Standards Institution, the PASMA sponsored standard sets out the minimum safety and performance requirements for all platforms under 2.5 metres intended for a single person use with one working platform and side protection.

MiPOD one person, folding work platform is Pop-Up Products’ PAS 250 compliant low-level podium step.

  • Anti-surf
  • Saloon style safety gates
  • Fits through doorways
  • Easy tip to castors to move
  • Fully folding
  • MiPOD 1000 and 1500 versions
  • Narrow and wide base versions
  • Working heights of 2.75m to 3.5m


MiPOD podium steps are designed and tested in accordance with the standards below. They are compact, portable and easy to use access platforms. A folding work platform that is ideal for one person, Pop Up Products’ MiPOD podiums are the tradesman’s and contractors’ choice for safe low-level access equipment.


The PAS 250 standard introduces a specific requirement for stability and resistance to overturning with other requirements including specifications for materials, the design of the guardrails and access, the integrity of the mobility devices, the ability to fit toe-boards and requirements for the content of labels and user guides.

PASMA’s managing director Peter Bennett said: “Our three step plan involved creating a low-level training course and a guidance DVD to ensure that the people using podium steps fully understood the need for safety at low levels. This new PAS 250 safety standard completes the plan by making the equipment itself as consistently safe as possible.”

The PAS 250 specification is now available for companies to purchase either from PASMA’s online shop or the BSI’s online shop. Details on PAS 250 standard can be found on the FAQs section of PASMA’s website.